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Data Recovery Correctional Facilities

Keeping your data safe 24/7 is one cornerstone of security.

Your scope of work to provide secure confinement, reformative programs, and supervised community reintegration is a big job, and the last thing you can afford is to lose any of your agency's critical data. But sometimes unexpected events happen, and an IS/IT server or mass storage system fails. You know that the security and well being of communities are potentially at risk--if you can't recover your critical data.

With exclusive capabilities of onsite data recovery, we can be to you anywhere within the continental United States within 11 hours. Our proprietary on-site data recovery system allows our technicians to assess system failures and implement solutions in the timeliest manner possible. This assures that your failure is resolved rapidly. Beyond our on- site recovery we offer off site recovery at our nationwide labs and service centers.
Let ADR Data Recovery recover your valuable public, sensitive, and classified data. We have worked extensively with local, state, and federal government agencies.

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