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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services In Houston.
Crashed, clicking and failed hard drives - RAID, Laptops, Servers, PCs and Mac 

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363 N Sam Houston Prkwy E #1100-135

363 N Sam Houston Prkwy E #1100-135
Houston, TX 77060
Local Phone: 713.581.1986

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ADR Data Recovery in Houston, Texas: We specialize in recovering data from crashed hard drives, multiple RAID drive failure, offline RAID arrays, laptop hard drives, desktops and servers.

Our hard drive data recovery engineers can save your mission critical data from failed RAIDs and from hard drives, RAID failure, software corruption, and human error (accidentally deleting files or formatting a hard drive).

For more than 12 years, Advanced Data Recovery has been recovering files and crucial business data from crashed, clicking, unbootable computers, failed hard drives and servers for businesses, government agencies, students and home users... in Houston and across the United States.

When disasters like flooding, hurricanes, lightning or fire strikes, our data recovery engineers can be counted on to get your company data back online fast! If necessary, an emergency data recovery engineer can be dispatched to your location to expedite the recovery process and keep your data safe.

Protect your data and your equipment from further damage. Please turn off your system and write down the symptoms you are experiencing. For example, a hard drive making a clicking sound, RAID drives in degraded mode, RAID controller failure, empty containers, volume not mounting or recognized, a BIOS error, or multiple hard drive failure.

  • Local Service in Houston!
  • Recovering data typically takes 5 to 7 business days. Emergency service is available for faster service.
  • Your recovered data is returned on a new external USB hard drive.
  • In most cases your data can be recovered!
  • Get a Free diagnosis and evaluation before you pay a penny.

Please call before you bring your hard drive or storage devices to our Houston data recovery lab so we can schedule a free diagnosis and evaluation for you. Emergency data recovery services are available when you need your data recovered fast and are in a time-critical situation.

Houston Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services.
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