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Exchange Server Recovery

If your Exchange Server fails, goes offline, or becomes inaccessible, your business suffers. You will reduce downtime and minimize revenue loss when you choose ADR Data Recovery if your Exchange Server failed is offline, or inaccessible because our Exchange Server data recovery engineers will work round the clock to get your business data back to you when you need it.

Common Exchange Server Problems

  • E-mail Data Deleted by Mistake
  • Malicious Action or Virus
  • Corrupted PST, STM or EDB Data
  • Hardware Failure
  • Corrupted Exchange Back-up
  • Hard Drive Fragmentation
  • Exchange Data Recovery
  • We use complex Exchange data recovery methods to safely and securely restore your business-critical Exchange data and mission-critical files from the following types of data loss

Rebuild failure

  • Multiple drive failure (or multiple drives go offline)
  • RAID array or volumes that won't mount after a server crash
  • Configuration damage or corruption
  • Addition of incompatible drives
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Software corruption
  • Viruses or malicious intent
  • Software or operating system upgrades

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