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We have successfully recovered data for a broad range of organizations since 1995, including:
  • Fortune 1000 enterprises
  • Small & medium businesses
  • Federal, state, and local governments
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Colleges, universities, and school districts
  • Entertainment & broadcasting services
  • Utilities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Regulated industries

* To protect the privacy of our clients, our lab security policies and procedures protect your business data and other intellectual property. While we frequently have client non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place, we function at all times as though we have an NDA.

What Others Like You Say About ADR
Transformers 3 Movie - Dark of Moon: Los Angeles, CA External hard drive containing video shoots and clips failed. Needed to recover current video to save time in re-shooting and money that a re-shoot would cost. Drive was couriered by next available flight to our cleanroom for emergency recovery. All video, and clips were completely recovered within 48 hours which enabled Transistors 3 to hit the box office on time.

Chicago Cubs Training Video A training video was nearly finished when our hard drive failed. I am letting you know that the movie has been completed, and is now on disk ready for showing. This could not have happened without your assistance and the magic of your techs. I still can't believe it! I have included your name and ADR for special credits at the conclusion of the movie. You were simply the best! It was a pleasure working with you (which I would have said even if the project were not a success).

Bob Baum
The inland Group

Print Production Company: Seattle, WA ADR was recommended to me by trusted colleagues in the IT industry here in the Seattle area. The reputation which preceded ADR as far as being able to recover data from highly challenging situations is VERY good. The speed and accuracy of ADRs ability to recover mission critical information was highly touted to me as being second to none.

Upon the loss of one of our production SQL servers, the first thought that went through my mind was how far back could we recover the data from tape? When the answer that I received was not acceptable, the second thought that went through my mind was how to explain it judiciously to the business for acceptance.

After validating that we truly had failed RAIDed hard drives, I contacted a trusted colleague of mine who maintains an IT infrastructure at an established educational institution here in Washington. I asked him for his advice on who he dealt with in the past for situations such as these. His recommendation was ADR. I also contacted our storage vendor here in Washington. They too gave me the recommendation for inquiring about ADR services for data recovery and restoral for failures of this nature.

Gaven K.
Print Production Company

Fred D Home User Thank you all. These pictures are priceless. Please thank the entire team team at ADR.

Fred D.
Home User

William R. Software Developer: I am a software developer and I work primarily on two workstations. One is a desktop and the other is an IBM Thinkpad that I use in the office and at my client sites.

That fateful day I had been to a client site in the morning and brought the Thinkpad back to the office after lunch. I put in it in the docking station, powered it up. Instead of the usual boot process, it got to the Windows logo and stayed there. I restarted it and got a message that the hard drive could not be found.

As a developer, I keep fairly good backups of my client projects. I try to do this backup once a day, but in reality it generally becomes once a week. I also had a substantial amount of document files, work logs, and email records that I never thought important until I realized I could not get to them.

I found ADR Data Recovery on a Google search. By that time, I was getting pretty frantic, but Kevin and his team talked me down. It did not take too much calculation to realize that the cost of the expedited data recovery was expensive, but not in comparison with the lost time I was looking at to reconstruct a week of work, plus the records and personal work that was just gone.

I next sent my hard drive to Kevin. That was on a Thursday. On Friday evening, Kevin notified me that the data was recoverable. (Big sigh of relief) They worked over the weekend and by late Sunday I had several critical folders back for work Monday morning. The remainder of the data was returned via a loaner hard drive on Tuesday. I was told there might be some missing data, but so far I have not found any holes.

The experience I had with Kevin and all the folks at ADR was exceptional. Kevin even gave me a number to call him at home on the weekend to check on the status. Not only did they do a great technical job, but they managed it with reassuring smoothness.

I know who to call if this ever happens again and I strongly recommend that anyone that depends on their computer to remember ADR.

Yours truly,
William R.
Software Developer

Energizer: Ashboro, NC Hard drive containing Rockwell Software failed. Needed to recover recipes, materials lists and batches. ADR Data Recovery successfully recovered the critical data within 24 hours.

Stops Inc: Titusville, FL RAID server was infected by a virus which disabled permissions. Users could not logon to the server. Server would no longer authenticate. IT department attempted to bring the RAID back online without success. By the time we received it, the array was no longer recognized and drives were asking to be reformatted. ADR successfully recovered the data, cleaned out the infected files and returned the data on a new storage unit.

Kim Wendell Design I had a drive crash over the July 4th weekend and found ADR Data Recovery via a web search. Initially I was interested because I saw you have a NYC office where I could drop the drive off. I initially spoke with Terri on the phone and spoke with her throughout the recovery process. While the recovery turned out to take significantly longer than either she or I initially thought, or hoped, I always felt secure in your firm thanks to the contact from and explanations of Terri. She communicated what was happening with the drive and how the process was running efficiently and professionally. I couldn't have asked for a better recovery. I will certainly recommend ADR Data Recovery to any of my peers who may find themselves in the same predicament, and will use you again should I ever run into this problem again.

Augustus W.

Errol Dickey, VP ADR provided excellent initial data recovery on critical data we needed and sent it to us on a USB drive. But the problem did not end there. When the recovered data was accidentally erased from that USB drive, we rushed the drive back to ADR and they performed a second recovery and got it back for us. Their prompt "re-recovery" of this data was done quickly and with particular sensitivity to the vulnerable position we were in, and they provided it as a courtesy to us, as part of their total service package. Our business depends on providing superior service to our clients, and it has been a while since we ourselves have experienced such professional treatment from a vendor. Thanks again for the outstanding treatment: we won't go anywhere else for these services in the future!

Errol Dickey, VP
Hi-Tech Company

Debbie - Personal User I would like to say "Thank You", this experience was a difficult one to go through but everyone I encountered at ADR either through email or over the phone were simply great! Everyone was extremely helpful and I am greatful for everyone's hard work. ADR was extremely flexible with the payment options which were an extreme help for me and I would reccomend anybody I know who needs data recovered to work with your company. I have very positive feelings towards the results this company has and have been served very well.

I thank everyone at ADR for all they have been able to recover for me, it means so much to have it back!

Thank You,

D.S College Instructor I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance with my hard drive. I have the recovered data in hand and I am thrilled to have my research, and personal items back. Without this data I would not be able to finish my PhD in May, and continue on to a full faculty position in the fall of 2007. I was especially pleased with the customer service from ADR. Every individual that I spoke with was friendly and empathetic to my situation. I appreciate your company making a frustrating circumstance an enjoyable business interaction.


Pete S. Engineering Company I cannot thank you enough for answering the phone at all hours of the night to make sure someone 3,000 miles away received the information they so desperately needed.

Pete S.

Christopher M. Technology Director I just wanted to take a moment to write you and say "Thanks a Million!" You and all of the folks at ADR are to be congratulated on a job well done. We were able to use the recovered data and complete a critical dead-line on-time. We really appreciate your professional services and would not hesitate to recommend ADR to anyone with a recovery problem!

Christopher M.
Technology Director Legal Resources & Services

Homeland Security Thank you and good job with the recovery!

SPO John B.
Police Department
Special Operations Division
Homeland Defense Team

Joe S. Director of Communications You have helped make a very bad situation easier and in the end save our tales.

Joe S.
Director of Communication Services
Educational Institution

Matt W. Data Management Firm: San Jose, CA I would like to recommend ADR Data Recovery for any business or individual who has lost data due to mechanical failure, software corruption or other data catastrophe.

Recently we had a client lose over 200 gigabytes of data from their hardware raid-5 array. Their backups were on a hardware array, which was destroyed in the same event. ADR worked tirelessly to stitch the data back together, literally working around the clock. They were professional, responsive and, above all, technically adept.

I was amazed when ADR claimed that 100% of the data had been recovered. I was even more amazed when I saw for myself that they actually had! ADR not only saved our client's data, they saved them a virtual fortune.

I hope you never have to go through a data-disaster like this one. But if you do, it is my STRONGEST POSSIBLE advice to ONLY trust your data to ADR.

Matt W.
IT Services Manager
Data Management Firm

Thomas D. Rock Ridge Music ADR's customer service and attention to detail during a trying time, was beyond expectations.

Thomas D.
Rock Ridge Music, LLC

Koah P. Wastewater District Thank you Michelle and your team at ADR Data Recovery. We were able to retrieve the data we needed from your recovery efforts.

Khoa P.
Water & Wastewater District

Erik R. Technical Support Entertainment Industry I am impressed thus far with the level of service you have provided! I'm sure we will be using you exclusively for our future recovery needs.

Erik R.
Technical Support Entertainment Industry

Jared P. Software Development Company: San Francisco, CA "Our RAID failed on a Friday just before we all were about to go home and enjoy our weekend. We contacted ADR Data Recovery and set-up an emergency recovery with them. They sent one of their technicians to our worksite and he took the hard drives back to their main lab in Folsom. Later that evening, I was contacted by their tech and was told an e-mail containing the recoverable files was in my inbox. To my relief, they were able to do a full recovery and Monday morning we were back in business. Truely amazing!"

Jared P.
Software Development company
San Francisco, CA