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Compaq Hard Drive and Computer Recovery
Sometimes data loss happens in spite of your best efforts to prevent it. If your Compaq hard drive has failed, is clicking, grinding, or malfunctioning, we strongly advise that you immediately turn it off. You only let professionally trained data recovery engineers work on it. Further damage can occur if you try to fix it yourself.

If your Compaq hard drive contains vital important data and files, please, do not take unnecessary risks. Turn your computer off and get expert help so you can avoid permanent data loss.

Dis-assembly of your Compaq hard drive may be required to diagnose the extent of the damage and provide you with solutions to recover your data.

In a cleanroom environment, we remove the covers and seals from the hard drive so we can work on or replace internal components while maintaining manufacturers' warranties.


We recover data from all hard drive brands and server manufacturers...

Dell Hewlett Packard
Buffalo Compaq
IBM Lacie
Seagate Western Digital
Apple / Mac Drobo
Iomega Active Storage
Gateway Maxtor
Acer Netgear
OWC Quantum
Microsoft Synology
QNAP Promise Technology

We provide data recovery for all Compaq hard drives.

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