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Computer Forensics & Electronic Discovery

Because of increased usage and dependence on the internet for the corporate and individual user, electronic communication is now the standard and 'paper' communication is the new exception. This means that in almost every legal matter, critical and relevant evidence is electronically stored on business and corporate computer systems. Our computer forensics provide in the collection, preservation, analysis, and court presentation of electronic evidence. The proper collection of evidence is critical in all criminal investigations and civil litigation. This is why we use non-intrusive & non-destructive procedures to get into your hard drive and retrieve all the forensic information you are looking for. We also have complete confidentiality on your forensic drive. We keep a detailed report of each procedure taken to recover evidence and each person that has seen the drive once it gets to our lab, until it is package and shipped back to you. We keep a third party, neutral mind when discovering evidence and reporting it in a court case.

Computer Forensics Associates help ensure proper collection, handling and examination of your evidence, to avoid destruction so that it passes through legal muster and can be used in court to help prove your case!

Our computer forensics department provides forensic and electronic evidence discovery services. Highly trained computer forensics experts uncover computer evidence (electronic evidence discovery) and electronic data trails to assist in the investigation and prosecution of criminal and civil cases for:
  • Federal, state, local law enforcement agencies
  • Criminal investigators
  • Law firms
  • Civil litigants
  • Insurance companies
  • Banking institutions and regulators
  • Auditors and accounting firms
  • Corporate counsel
  • Electronic Evidence Discovery Uncovers Crucial Evidence
    • Corporate E-mail
    • Intellectual Property Disputes
    • Wrongful Termination Disputes
    • Acts By Disgruntled Employee(s)
    • Employee Activity (Search for excessive personal browsing during work hours)
    • Divorce Cases
    • Insurance Fraud Cases
    • Stalking, Hacking, Illegal Activity
    • Employee Theft
    • Business Fraud

Consider these facts:
  • 80% of all corporate and business data is stored electronically.
  • 95% of new data is stored electronically on computers and servers (approximately 80% of this information stays in electronic format like email, pdf, word documents and digital images).
  • Electronic documents that may be considered obsolete in terms of current value often provide evidentiary clues that help prove historical precedence and substantiate current facts.
  • Specialized computer forensic techniques can recover deleted files, documents and correspondence from PDAs, servers, laptops and desktops, Blackberry phones, flash drives, cell phones and more.
  • Computer Forensics Associates' highly trained computer forensics experts have over 12 years of electronic evidence discovery and analysis to uncover computer evidence and electronic data trails to assist in the investigation and prosecution of criminal and civil cases for a vairety of clients. Our computer forensics experts have indepth experience in most computer hardware, peripherals and operating systems and many applications.

  • NIDA (Non Invasive Data Acquisition)
  • Electronic Investigation
  • Expert Witness Service
  • Corporate E-mail
  • Litigation Support
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Investigation and Discovery Litigation Programs
  • Insurance Fraud Cases
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Corporate Counsel Support
  • Electronic Records Management

Whether you need computer forensics, evidence collection, recovery of deleted files to prove your case, or an expert witness to document or present recovered data, Computer Forensics Associates will handle your case with the highest level of security and confidentiality.

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