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What is Chain of Custody?
A Chain of Custody is a paper trail document showing seizure, custody, control, and transfer of a piece of evidence. The documentation ensures the integrity of the evidence and is started when a piece of electronic media becomes evidence and is obtained throughout the presentation to the court.
A chain of custody documentation must be completed for every single forensic case. Chain of custody reports include specific information about the electronic media. Make, model, serial number, where the evidence came from, who had possession, what happened to the evidence, and when the evidence was obtained and/or transferred are a few of the vital parts of a chain of custody. If the chain of custody report is not correctly filed, it will dismiss incriminating evidence.
You will want to use a professional company, who, is regularly active in forensics and chain of custody reports and can keep a neutral mind to whatever evidence they discover, as well as be a third party witness if need be. We can provide you with an expert witness who will give a testimony, documentation and witness preparation to help present forensically discovered evidence in legal proceedings.A chain of custody is absolutely vital in a civil or legal litigation, in case of challenged evidence. A chain of custody ensures the integrity of the case and all information related to it.

If you need a chain of custody report for your hard drive or computer data, we can help!

Even if your company does not need data recovered, a forensic specialist can analyze and document the evidence. We will search through data according to your parameters, find all the relevant information to the case, complete a chain of custody, and keep the evidence locked up until it is needed for review and/or litigation. We are also capable of testifying in court if requested.

We have certified Forensic Specialists that have the tools and knowledge of the legal system to be able to serve your needs in a forensic chain of custody. Civil and criminal litigation are dependant on the Chain of Custody and the court to impartially weigh the evidence.