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E-Discovery Document Review Process

Electronic evidence discovery and collection provides you the winning edge you need for your forensic case. We do this by recovering crucial data evidence from electronic media. Litigation support includes data recovery and computer forensics investigation. The final file also includes a detailed analysis of electronic evidence discovered. We also provide expert witness and witness preparation services when needed.

Once forensic work has been completed, an e-discovery specialist will need to be hired for three specific techniques:
  • Process
  • Document review
  • Deliver

During the document review process, documents are reviewed. No matter how many computers or how much data is acquired, we then put all the evidence into a 100% secure, single document management system for review.
The reason we want to put all data into one system is so that we can then begin a process that will sort and order every file. Our document management system is able to sort these files in many ways for your convenience. They can be date, subject, or arranged by theme.

When you hire us for your computer forensic needs, you can rest assured that we will strictly follow the three steps of process, document review, and deliver, in order to achieve a complete e-discovery process. If you don't have a forensic case, you won't necessarily need all the procedures done. However, if you have a company with several computers and you just want to know what documents are where and have access to all your employee's folders, we can cull all those files together for better organization.

We combine files and documents from virtually any type of electronic media, into our document management system. This includes, but not limited to, USB, cds, online databases, hard drive files, external hard drives, and web-based emails.

Whether you need computer forensics, e-discovery, evidence collection or recovery of deleted files and metadata to prove your case, or an expert witness to document or present recovered data, Computer Forensics Associates' examiners will handle your case with the highest level of security and confidentiality.