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Computer Forensics for Email
Would you like to check into what an employee, spouse, or child has been emailing to another person?Then Email Computer Forensics is for you!

With today's technology, the internet and email correspondence is the most common and useful medium. Email is used in everyday life: communicating with family, friends and business correspondence. We receive information from customers, correspond with employees and associates at work and from home.

If you have suspicions and would like to find out if foul play is going on, you can hire our forensic specialists to document and recover any and all emails you will need to prove your case. We will retrieve emails that have been deleted or even emptied out of the trash bin. Every single email sent or received is electronically logged so even after manual deletion, we can access dates, who sent, who received, and retrieve the body of messages.

We have had years of experience and our certified forensics specialists know the ins and outs of forensic email recovery. This means that you can feel confident when it comes to getting the evidence you need to prove your case. The forensic email recovery process includes keeping a chain of custody which requires us to keep a detailed document of every single person that has accessed your drive and procedures taken during recovery while in our custody. Often this is required to be shown in court during legal action so we make sure everything is documented to help your case.

Services we provide:
  • Email Extraction
  • Discovery Consulting
  • Acquiring Mail Servers
  • Email Redaction
  • Expert Witness Services