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Forensic Imaging
Forensic imaging is usually done at the sector level. In order to successfully complete this task, we do stream copy of the entire media being imaged, rather than creating just a duplication of the data or file system. We then use a write protection device or application which prevents contamination of any evidential media during the forensic imaging process..

Our computer forensics department offers forensic imaging to private investigators, E-discovery firms, law enforcement, attorneys and law firms. We have the ability to do forensic imaging on-site. If you live near one of our locations, we can also pick up the devices you need imaged. Once the forensic image is complete it can be sent to you and the originals can be returned to your client.

We regularly perform forensic imaging for:
  • Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Civil Litigants
  • Law Firms
  • Electronic evidence analysis
  • Expert witness services
  • Banking Institutions and Regulators
  • Auditors and Accounting Firms
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Insurance Companies