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Computer Forensics Investigation
Computer forensic investigators work to uncover the depths of a security breach, recover data that has been corrupted, or deleted with malicious intent. Computer forensic investigators are able to identify, locate and analyze computer evidence to support their client's case. These tools include both hardware for write-blocking, forensic imaging and data recovery and utilities for acquisition, investigation and evidence analysis.

Our certified computer investigators use the most advanced investigative tools available.

What tools and equipment are used by computer forensics experts?
Industry standard forensic software used includes software from AccessData and Guidance Software. Our computer examiners have performed many forensic investigations including cases for: defense and prosecution in civil, corporate and government litigation.

After the analysis is completed our investigators will provide you with a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, report about the data on the suspect media. They will go over the report with you, to make sure all your questions are answered.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which became law on 12-1-2006, most attorneys are either unfamiliar and have not needed a computer forensics investigation performed or are not familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 26, Rule 34, and Rule 45, which have added many new procedures for handling and requesting electronic information for evidence.