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Gateway Hard Drive Recovery

When your Gateway hard drive fails, you could lose your pictures, critical business files, or other irreplaceable data.

Deleting files, documents, pictures, viruses, and natural disasters, are all reasons you may need to recover data from your Gateway computer's hard drive.

Your options at this point are:
  • Attempt to recover the data yourself (and risk making it unrecoverable).
  • Have your local PC repair shop try to recover it.
  • Find a data recovery company that specializes in recovering hard drives.

The choice you make today can mean the difference between getting your files back and never seeing them again!

Signs your hard drive could be failing If any of these symptoms are apparent and you have data loss, you should shut your computer down immediately.
  • Computer is extra slow to boot
  • Programs are extra slow to load and run
  • Periodic re-booting for no apparent reason
  • Computer shows a blue or black screen upon boot up
  • Error screens pop up
  • You can hear clicking or beeping sounds from the drive
  • Viruses
  • Natural disasters
  • Formatting or overwriting
  • Accidentally deleting files
  • Hard drive won't mount
  • Computer crashed
  • OS returns unreadable or corrupt disk
  • DLL is missing or corrupt
  • Hard drive is not spinning

The probability of successfully restoring your data is very high if done right!

Symptoms of Mechanical Failure
  • Hard drive is clicking, beeping or making unusual sounds
  • Hard drive is not recognized by system
  • Hard drive is not recognized in BIOS
  • Hard drive is not spinning
  • Head crash
  • Media damage
  • Actuator failure
  • Bad sectors
  • Electrical damage

Symptoms Your Gateway Computer is Suffering Logical Damage
  • Hard drive is not formatted
  • Hard drive was reformatted
  • Hard drive partition was damaged or lost
  • Hard drive was re-partitioned
  • Files have been deleted
  • OS has been reinstalled
  • Program has been reinstalled
  • Hard drive was re-imaged
  • Incomplete backups
  • Viruses
  • Corruption

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