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iMac Data Recovery

The iMac is an all-in-one desktop computer that was designed by Apple Inc. in 1998, but has evolved over the years. The newest version of iMac does not have an actual hard drive, but uses flash memory storage instead. Whether you are operating on an iMac with flash storage, or an earlier version, there are some data storage failures that can happen to the computer which could result in data loss. In either case of flash storage or traditional hard drive, we can recover your data for you.

Apple iMac Data Recovery  

We recover all iMac files, including the most popular...
Recover your photos
Recover your contacts
Recover your movies
Recover your music
Recover your email
Recover your notes
and pages
Recover your spreadsheets
and business files
time machine backups
Recover your time
machine backups

If your iMac is showing any of the following errors, or are you are experiencing data loss, we can help!

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