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RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks

Advanced RAID 0 Data Recovery

Eventually ALL hard drives fail. Even RAID arrays are not immune to failure. If you are experiencing a failed RAID 0, we can help!

Because of the critical nature of data stored on RAID servers and the fact that RAID systems are more complex, comprehensive tools and specialized training are required in order to preserve the integrity of your data and restore it.

Swapping drives, partitioning, re-striping and rebuilding a degraded or failed RAID array will result in permanent data loss.

Because of so much valuable data is stored on a RAID, when a RAID goes bad, you will want to increase your chances of a complete recovery. The smartest thing you can do is stop any attempts at repair or recovery yourself, unless you first create sector-by-sector clones or images of each drive in the array, especially if multiple RAID disks have failed or your RAID is offline. The best thing you could do is call a professional data recovery company who specializes in recovering RAIDs. You should feel free to ask them any questions you have, then you can decide if you want to have them recover your data or if you want to try some procedures yourself.

Types of Raid 0 failures we retrieve data from:
At ADR Data Recovery, we specialize in recovering data from failed RAIDs!
Here are the steps we take to ensure your data is kept safe and maximize the chance of restoring your data successfully.