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If your SQL Server fails, goes offline, or becomes inaccessible, your business suffers. We get that. You can reduce downtime and minimize revenue loss when you choose Advanced Data Recovery to recover your files if your SQL Server failed is offline, or inaccessible because our SQL recovery engineers will work round the clock to get your business data back to you when you need it.

You have lost access to your database files and need it recovered fast...

For thousands of companies like yours, Microsoft SQL Server is a mission-critical 24x7 application. When it fails or goes offline or data is inaccessible, your company’s future may be at risk.

Attempting to rebuild or restore your SQL database can result in severe damage and coud leave you with corrupt files. Before attempting a to rebuild, restore or repair your SQL database, we highly recommend that you make an image or backup of your database or create sector-by-sector images of each drive on your server in order to preserve the integrity of your data and eliminate the risk of complete data loss.

ADR Data Recovery can create the images of your hard drives for you at one of our labs or we can connect to you via secure internet connection to create the hard drive images for you. Then you can safely attempt to repair, rebuild or restore your backups.

Choosing a data recovery company to recover your SQL database can be tricky because only a few have certified SQL engineers that know how to rebuild torn pages, broken tables and re-insert data back into a working database. In cases of severe damage, raw data has to be extracted and must be manually entered into a new database. In these instances, most data recovery companies give up and call it unrecoverable. They just don't have the knowledge or ability to extract the data from the garbage.

We're fortunate to have one of the leading SQL database engineers in the country. That means we have the expertise to repair and recover your database from the worst possible scenario and help get your business back online.

Some factors that could cause a SQL database to become inaccessible or corrupt include: damage to the table structure, a failed hard drive, a power failure, a back-up that may have been restored unsuccessfully, malicious human intervention, failed system updates or OS upgrades, viruses, or a boot drive failure.

For over 15 years we have been performing SQL recovery from failed server and RAID hard drives for large and small companies. Our data recovery engineers recover files from all operating system and server types including relational database servers, web servers (Apache and Microsoft IIS), business application servers, document management systems, and content management systems.

Software failure can cause issues like missing extents, pages, or rows in the database. In many of these cases, SQL Server marks the database as suspect in the Master sysdatabases table on startup by setting on the bit-mask value of 256 in the status column and your data files are not accessible.

Some common problems leading to an inaccessible files include the following...
  • Data Deleted by Mistake
  • Malicious Action or Virus
  • Corrupted Data
  • Hardware Failure
  • Corrupted Back-up
  • Rebuild failure
  • Multiple drive failure (or multiple drives go offline)
  • RAID array or volumes that won't mount after a server crash
  • Configuration damage or corruption
  • Addition of incompatible drives
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Software corruption
  • Viruses or malicious intent
  • Software or operating system upgrades

When a SQL database gets to this stage it is best to get professional help to avoid further corruption and permanent data loss.

Research shows that 75% of all data loss situations are the result of hardware or system failure.

That means most SQL recovery situations require extensive knowledge and specialized equipment to recover data successfully.

The smartest choice you can make: select a data recovery company that specializes in recovering SQL databases and has the equipment, tools and the experience necessary to recover and repair databases from all types of failures. Our SQL data recovery lab is one of the nation's top 3 service providers. That's why more companies choose us more than any other competitor.

Companies and organizations like Intel, Amazon, Microsoft, Safeway, Homeland Security, MIT, Johnson Controls, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Department, Wrigley's and hunreds more trust us to recover their data and so can you.

Every day we recover SQL server data from these RAID configurations

Emergency SQL recovery service is available when you need your data recovered fast and are in a time-critical situation.

“ADR Data Recovery worked tirelessly to stitch the data back together [on our client’s RAID 5 array]. I was amazed when ADR Data Recovery claimed that 100% of the data had been recovered. I was even more amazed when I saw for myself that they actually had. I hope you never have to go through a data disaster like this one. But if you do, it is my strongest possible advice to ONLY trust your data to ADR Data Recovery Data Recovery.”

Matt W.
IT Services Manager, Data management firm
Mather, CA
SQL Server and RAID recovery for all manufacturers and brands
RAID and SQL data recovery for all types of industries...

We recover data from all hard drive brands and server manufacturers...

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