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You have a serious problem if your hard drive is clicking, beeping, making musical sounds or is not spinning. Those symptoms indicate a mechanical failure. They are the most complex recoveries. Getting your files out of a clicking hard drive requires specialized equipment, knowledge of hard drive architecture and experience. Your hard drive needs to be opened in an ultra clean, dust free environment to avoid contamination and permanent data loss.


Combined mechanical and logical hard drive failure can be the toughest to diagnose. This is where most people get into trouble. Your hard drive may still be recognized by your computer but you can't see or access your files.

Symptoms include blue or black screen error messages, constant rebooting, hard drive not found or corrupt error messages, intermittent clicking, your computer locks up or freezes.

You can end up losing all of the data from your hard drive if the "data recovery company" you choose doesn't have the training, equipment or experience to properly diagnose, repair and recover data from each of these types of data loss situations.


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If your hard drive is not clicking or making unusual sounds your hard drive may not be failing. You may be experiencing a logical data loss situation instead. Different methods are used to get your files back from logical data loss situations.


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