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Advanced Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery For Insurance and Disaster Recovery Companies

Research shows that the average company spends between $100,000 and $1,000,000 in total ramifications per year for data loss. (Source: 7th Annual ICSA Lab's Virus Prevalence Survey, March 2002)

The average annual hard drive failure rate is between 2 and 3% with 8% failure rates in the 2nd and 3rd years. (Google Inc 2007) Loss of data is the most feared result of hard drive failure and one of the least understood. The good news is that your files can be recovered 95% of the time!

IT Downtime Costs US businesses more than $26.5 billion per year in lost revenue!

That translates to roughly $150,000 for each business every year. That's just LOST revenue, not the actual costs of data loss which are between 2 and 5% of a companies annual revenues according to a CA Technologies 2010 survey and a 2012 survey commissioned by Cloud-Connected backup and recovery by Evault.

ADR Data Recovery has successfully restored critical and confidential data for Insurance companies and disaster recovery companies in the following areas:

  • Auto
  • Residential
  • Casualty
  • Property
  • Commercial
  • Flood, Fire, Natural Disaster Claims

ADR Data Recovery works with insurance industry leaders including:
  • DKI
  • Farmers
  • State Farm
  • All State

...and more