Advanced Data Recovery: Hard Drive Recovery and RAID Data Recovery Services

DLT Tape Recovery & Data Conversion Services ADR Data Recovery will convert DLT tapes from one type of media to another. We also can convert your super DLT tapes, to gain access to data stored on outdated tapes or cartridges (for example 3480 and 3490 tapes.) Also, if you have media that has been acquired from outside sources, but you don't have the equipment to read it with, ADR Data Recovery can help.

Data conversion can be as simple as extracting files from one source and saving to another, or as complex as converting files to a completely new format; like EBCDIC to ASCII. If your company is upgrading systems or you have outdated media storage, we offer state-of-the-art data conversion services. ADR Data Recovery can convert your old media types to newer, faster, more reliable tapes and discs.

Tapes we convert: Media & Formats