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USB Flash Drive Recovery - Digital Camera Card Recovery

A USB flash drive, memory card or SD camera card stores data like a normal hard drive but doesn't use moving parts to write data to the storage medium. Instead, data is stored in "flash memory" and unique data recovery procedures are used for recovering pictures and files from flash type devices. We recover USB flash drives and memory cards, thumb drives and SD camera cards made by all manufacturers.

If your flash drive, camera card or memory stick is not recognized by any computer we can recover your files in most cases by utilizing the most advanced data recovery equipment and methods to remove the chips and read the data.

In most cases we can recover data from deleted, corrupted, damaged, and even a formatted USB flash drive, memory card or digital camera card like SD picture cards, compact flash cards, XD picture cards, and memory sticks. Typical media file types include .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .png, .raw, .pcx, or .png.



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